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Scrum@Scale or SAFe, which framework is right for my org?

You have decided to scale (REMINDER: Do not Scale if you don’t need to). It is time to determine what framework for scaling you will use.Scrum@Scale or SAfeby implementing one of these frameworks, you will avoid reinventing the wheel.  Each framework provides structure, process, and principles to follow.  Let’s look at the characteristics of Scrum@Scale and SAFe.

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How Do I Know When I Should Scale?

You already know you need to scale your agile framework to help your growing teams to work together more efficiently – but what system should you implement Scrum@Scale or SAFe?

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Product Thinking: Shifting from a Project to a Product Mindset

Product Thinking: Shifting from Project to a Product Mindset Making a shift in your organization to focus on products rather than projects can be a seismic shift. Therefore stop thinking in terms of individual projects  (outputs) and make the shift towards product...

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Too Many Meetings: Recognize the Signs

We have received a lot of feedback on our post: Scrum Events - The too many meetings problem. Many people are reaching out to us and providing feedback on the frustration stemming from meetings. Meetings in the United States are a big problem.  Nearly 37 billion...

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