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sustainable Agile Training and Coaching solutions.

We partner with your organization to build custom Agile training and coaching solutions that best fit your business, teams, and projects. 

We specialize in Scrum@Scale, Agile, Jira, Scrum, Kanban, Product Thinking and so much more…

It’s time for an one80; let’s turn things around.

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Is your project management process holding you back?

Don’t stay stuck. There is a better way.

  • Are you missing project deadlines?
  • Is it hard to nail down business priorities?
  • Are leadership roles blurry?
  • Do your internal processes weigh you down?
  • Are project requirements unclear?
  • Have you tried Agile before and it failed?

Our Top Workshops

Product Thinking: Project to Product Mindset

This course focuses on transitioning from project thinking (output driven) to a product thinking mindset (outcome focussed). Topics included: Design Thinking, Lean start-up, Mobius loop, OKRs...


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Registered Scrum Master (RSM)

Developed by the co-creator of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland. Learn from industry experts and gain insights and strategies from decades of success launching high-performing Scrum teams in businesses around the globe.

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Jira Essentials

This hands-on Jira course covers: how to set up projects and organize your work, create issues, manage sprints & dependencies, utilize dashboards, customize boards, and so much more...

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We Specialize in Virtual Training

Why one80 Training?
the Small company with

big experience

We focus on your unique problems.

Training and Coaching should never be one-size-fits-all.  Our top-tier trainers have spent years perfecting their skills, experience, and teaching techniques (in-person and virtual training).  We are committed to helping our clients succeed.   We have mastered bridging the gap between customers, IT, and the business world.

Don’t hire the typical Agile or Scrum Training Company only interested in delivering workshops.  Partner with One80 and see how customized training and coaching can impact your company objectives.

One80 Training

The One80 Process
Learn how we turn things around.

“No one process works for every company. One80 understands the business problem and business domain we deal in, and are flexible in their processes to say what’s important and what’s not. They come up with a unique custom process that will help you and your company be the most efficient.”


1. Strategic Planning session

All improvement must be built on a solid foundation. Allow us to facilitate a Strategic Planning session get to know your objectives, goals, and unique challenges. Together we will build a roadmap that sets you on a path toward success.

2. Build a customized approach

Based upon our strategic planning session, we build a customized approach to solving your challenges and achieving your goals. Our interactive workshops provide everything the team will need to get started on their path to success.

3. Deliver/execute the strategy together

One80 doesn’t just leave you stranded during the most import part: execution. We are there to guide your teams for as long as it takes to make them successful. Based on our strategic roadmap, we will be available to ensure that your objectives are met.

4. Become part of the One80 community

Follow us on Linkedin, follow our blog, and join us for upcoming webinars and online classes. We cover all sorts of exciting topics: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Scrum@Scale, Jira, Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Product Thinking, Psychological safety, and so much more.

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