Product Thinking


Transform your Organization’s approach to product development with the game-changing power of Product Thinking.

Welcome to the forefront of product innovation with product Thinking – your gateway to revolutionizing product design and strategy. Our Product Thinking and AI-Powered Product Thinking class, tailored for Product Owners, Product Managers, UI/UX Experts, and forward-thinking professionals, merges the principles of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and User Experience with cutting-edge AI technology.

Dive into a world where your ideas are transformed into customer-centric solutions, empowering you to lead in the dynamic landscape of modern product development. Join us to reshape the future of product design, harness the power of AI to avoid the ‘Build Trap,’ and create products that truly resonate with your audience.

Why Product Thinking?

Boosted Innovation

Foster a culture of creativity and innovation where groundbreaking ideas are nurtured and transformed into market-leading products.

Increased Market Agility

Stay ahead of market trends and rapidly evolving customer preferences with a flexible approach, allowing quick pivoting and adaptation.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilize actionable insights from solid data to make informed decisions, reducing risks and increasing the potential for success.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Product Thinking puts your customer’s needs at the forefront, ensuring every product you develop resonates deeply with your market and boosts customer loyalty.

Long-Term Growth

Align your product development with your business goals for sustainable growth, setting the stage for long-term success in an ever-changing marketplace.

Improved Team Collaboration

Break down silos and enhance synergy across departments, leading to more cohesive and efficient product development processes.


The only AI tool you need to drive success in a Product Thinking World


Begin your journey to innovation with ‘One80Compass’

Engage with our advanced AI tool to thoroughly analyze your product challenges. Detail the nuances of your problems, your target customers, and the unique aspects of your existing product. This interactive process ensures that every aspect of your Product Thinking aligns with Design Thinking and User Experience principles. Our AI is equipped to understand the intricacies of dozens of Product Thinking and lays the foundation for a solution that’s tailored to your specific needs, marking the first step towards transforming your ideas into actionable strategies.


Refinement is key in the ‘One80Compass’ experience.

Here, our AI collaborates with you to delve deeper, seeking additional insights to fine-tune your approach. This stage is about precision – understanding the subtleties of your product’s opportunities and ensuring that the advice you receive is as relevant and effective as possible.

The AI’s interactive nature helps clarify your objectives, ensuring that your custom journey is not just a path, but the right journey. Whether it’s addressing customer needs, business value, or navigating through the Build Trap, this phase is crucial for setting a clear and focused direction for your product,

Custom Journeys

Experience the pinnacle of personalized guidance with your ‘One80Compass’ Custom Journey.

Based on the detailed information you provide, our platform generates a unique journey for you, complete with a secure link to a bespoke page. This page isn’t just a roadmap; it’s a treasure trove of resources – from best practices and helpful hints to how-to videos and templates, all aligned with your specific project needs.

This tailored approach ensures that your journey in Product Thinking, AI integration, and User Experience is enlightening, practical, and directly applicable to your project goals.


‘One80Compass’ doesn’t just plan; it empowers execution.

Armed with your Custom Journey, you are now ready to implement the steps, transforming theory into practice. As you progress, the platform remains your steadfast companion, ready to assist with further research, refine your journey, or adjust strategies in response to new insights.

This dynamic adaptability is the essence of Product Thinking, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup methodologies – learning, evolving, and enhancing your product with continuous input.

Whether you’re a Product Manager or a UI/UX expert, ‘One80Compass’ is your guide to navigating and mastering the intricate dance of product development and customer-centric innovation.


What is product thinking and why is it important?

Product thinking is a user-centric approach to product development that emphasizes understanding user needs to create products they love and rely on. It’s pivotal because it assures that products solve real problems, align with business strategy, promote cross-functional collaboration, and lead to market fit and adaptability, ultimately providing a strong competitive advantage.

Agile Foundations
How does product thinking influence resource allocation in product development?

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