Product thinking

Project to product mindset


The advent of Agile has helped teams increase delivery speed, quality, and overall productivity.  When a team transitions from waterfall to agile, it’s common to still hang on to old ways of thinking.   One of the last holdouts is typically keeping a “project” mindset, where everything must fit into a project structure.  This fits in with the “big planning upfront” mentality, which is not Agile.

While there will always be larger initiatives, teams must transition to a “product” mindset. Testing every idea before implementation is part of the culture, and software or process isn’t just delivered and forgotten about.  The value of the delivered software should be measured, and customer feedback should be actively sought, which then becomes feedback for new ideas.

This course will cover how to transition from the project (output focussed) to product thinking (outcome focussed).  We will also introduce techniques for measuring customer value and how the software delivery process can be changed to support this new way of thinking.

What you will learn

  • The Product Values and Principles
  • The Product Lifecycle – Big Picture
  • Product Thinking versus Project Thinking
  • Lean Startup
  • Design Thinking
  • Mobius Loop & Mobius Navigator
  • Planning: Building the Team’s Backlogs/Roadmaps

Learning Objectives

  • The role of the Agile Product Manager and Product Owner through the full lifecycle
  • The key transformation leadership and facilitation skills necessary to transition from a tactical focus to a more strategically focused approach
  • How to apply Design Thinking and Lean Startup, including creative strategies used to plan a portfolio or product backlog using the Mobius Loop
  • How to bridge the gap between traditional and project management and product management


The New Product Values Mindset

This module introduces the core concepts of what Product Thinking is and why it’s beneficial.

  • Product Thinking versus Project Thinking
  • Outcome vs. Outputs
  • Workshop: Outcome vs. Outputs
  • The empirical process backbone
  • Project definition
  • Attributes of project-based organizations
  • Product definition
  • Attributes of product-based organizations
Design Thinking
-Design Thinking Overview
-Design Thinking Golden Rules
Lean Startup
-Who is the customer?
-Pivot or persevere
The Mobius Loop: Discovery Cycle
Combining Lean-Start Up and Design Thinking into one repeatable framework
The Discovery Cycle:

-Design Thinking
-WHY: Focusing on Business Outcomes
-WHO: Discovering Empathy
-The power of Psychological Safety
-Building Target Outcome

The Mobius Loop: Options Cycle

<strong>Options Cycle: </strong>
-Lean Startup
-Hypothesis and Assumptions
-Refining Options
-Scoring (Prioritization)
-The MVP Experiment and Research
-Building OKRs
-System Thinking Impact analysis


The Mobius Loop: Delivery Cycle

The Delivery Cycle:
-Deliver (Next, Actions, Measure): The Agile, Scrum, Kanban connection
-MVP Experiment & Research revisited
-Pivot or Persevere
-Build OKRs

Bonus: The Mobius Loop and Scrum@Scale connection

-Key Results
-KPIs & Metrics
The Activities

Each participant will be encouraged during this course to solve a real customer-facing problem (external or internal customer) or complete an innovation activity. We will methodically walk through each step of the Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Mobius Loop cycles.

The goal of this class is to be less theory and moire practical application.

Who should attend?

Product Managers
Product Owners
Team Leaders
UI\UX Designers
Agile Project Managers


2 Day Workshop


On-site and Virtual

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