Product Thinking

From Project to a Product Mindset


Take your team’s capabilities to new heights with our innovative Product Thinking course! Learn how to craft products that truly resonate with your customers by adopting a fresh, market-oriented product perspective. This isn’t about ticking boxes for outputs; it’s about syncing your objectives with real-world customer desires and market dynamics to avoid investing in products that miss the mark.

Our course redefines your approach to product development, emphasizing the importance of continuous refinement and innovation based on real-time customer feedback and shifts in the market. You’ll see the difference in the enhanced quality of your products and the potential for substantial business growth. Plus, adopting a product mindset can enhance synergy across your company’s teams, unifying efforts to deliver exceptional customer value.

Throughout our interactive sessions, we guide your teams in differentiating Customer Value from Business Value and Value Realization, adopting a stance that places market needs and customer satisfaction at the heart of product development. Equip your teams with the savvy to anticipate customer needs, stay ahead in the market race, and pivot quickly with changes, securing your business’s edge in a competitive landscape.

Ideal for organizations pivoting to a design thinking or UX-focused product approach, our course is your compass for navigating this transformation effectively. It’s packed with actionable insights and practical tools to make the transition smooth and successful.

What you will learn

  • The Product Values and Principles
  • The Product Lifecycle – Big Picture “Why Product Thinking Matters”
  • Product Thinking versus Project Thinking
  • The Build Trap: Outcome over Outputs
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Startup
  • The customer-centric approach to building better products
  • Planning: Building the Team’s Backlogs/Roadmaps

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities in a market-driven, customer-centered marketplace.
  • Understand the difference between a Product mindset and a Project Mindset.
  • Review the 4 major frameworks (Product Thinking, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and User Experience aka UX Design or UI UX) and learn how they are combined to create a comprehensive user-centric approach to product development.
  • Compare and contrast Outcomes vs. Outputs and relate each to the product mindset.
  • Determine the difference between Customer Value, Business Value, and Value Realization.
  • Apply Product Mindset through the three major phases of the Triple Diamond design lifecycle: Discovery, Options, and Delivery.
  • Learn how to use the triple diamond approach to build products that avoid the build trap.
  • How to bridge the gap between traditional and project management and product management


The Product Mindset

This module introduces the core concepts of what Product Thinking is and why it’s beneficial.

  • Product Thinking versus Project Thinking
  • Outcome vs. Outputs
  • The empirical process backbone
  • Project definition
  • Attributes of project-based organizations
  • Product definition
  • Attributes of product-based organizations
The Triple Diamond Process - Design Thinking, Lean Startup, User Experience (UIUX)

-Triple Diamond Overview
-The Frameworks: Product Thinking, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, User Experience (UI\UX)
-Roles and Responisbilies

Discovery: Empathy
  • Comprehend the current state of your product or service.
  • Develop skills for in-depth interviewing and asking the right questions.
  • Create personas and empathy maps.
  • Set up observational studies.
  • Understand the customer journey and conduct competitor analysis.
  • Learn the Empathy Methods to add to your toolbox.
Discovery: Define
  • Differentiate between outcomes and outputs.
  • Define problems effectively.
  • Understand the concept of value and how to realize it.
  • Write effective outcome statements and identify measures of success.
  • Learn the Define Methods to add to your toolbox.
Options: Ideate
  • Understand and apply various brainstorming and ideation techniques.
  • Evaluating Hypothesis and Assumptions
  • Develop potential solutions for defined problems.
  • Learn the Ideate Methods to add to your toolbox.
Options: Prototyping
  • Understand the ‘What Wows’ concept and apply creativity in developing new product and service concepts.
  • Apply iterative prototyping methods.
  • Understand the basics of prototyping.
  • Learn the Prototyping Methods to add to your toolbox.
Delivery: Evaluation
  • Evaluate the MVPs of product development (‘What Works’).
  • Test assumptions and incorporate feedback into product development.
  • Understand the concepts of business feasibility and technological viability.
  • Learn techniques to Score and prioritize the MVPs.
  • Learn the Evaluation Methods to add to your toolbox.
Measuring Success
  • 5 Point Goals: Craft compelling visions and outcomes for your products
  • Leading vs Lagging Indicators
  • KPIs & Metrics

Each participant will be encouraged to solve a real customer-facing problem (external or internal customer) or complete an innovation activity during this course. We will methodically walk through each step of the Triple Diamond approach (Design Thinking & Lean Startup, and User Experience (UI\UX)

The goal of this class is to be less theory and more practical application.

Who should attend?

Product Managers
Product Owners
Team Leaders
UI\UX Designers
Agile Project Managers


2 Day Workshop


On-site and Virtual

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