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Welcome to Jira

Jira is the number 1 cloud based suite of products that empowers teams to work smarter, not harder. Manage projects in an Agile fashion with features built for any team—whether they’re a independent development team, Scaled program, or in support mode.

Let One80@ show you how to harness Jira to track projects, manage tasks, and build roadmaps more effectively than ever before.


Jira Essentials

This module introduces the core concepts of what Jira is, why it’s beneficial, what it does, and how to use its many features to:

  • Use it to gain cross-organizational insight
  • Visibility (need help on this)
  • Planning (need help on this)
  • Learn to track progress with Roadmaps
  • Learn how to measure performance
  • Decision making? (maybe something like this)
  • Understand the full capabilities of Roadmaps
Jira Foundations Agile Mindset

All software team roles will benefit from this module, which complements Jira Foundations by teaching core Agile concepts and methodologies. You’ll learn the importance of agile, how it works, and ultimately how the Jira platform can fully support your Agile team and workflow.

  • Learn what Agile is and why you should you use it
  • Understand the Agile Lifecycle
  • Learn what Scrum and Kanban are and when to use them
  • Understand Agile roles and responsibilities
  • Write and maintain practical requirements using user stories
  • Manage project backlogs and sprints in Jira
  • Manage releases and roadmaps
  • Create transparency in Jira
  • Build reports and metrics
  • Customize dashboards in Jira
Jira Advanced Roadmap

Roadmaps is a big-picture planning tool for Jira that helps you predict and set future trajectories for your projects, teams, and resources, and manage foreseeable risks. You’ll learn to use Jira to adapt and pivot, a core tenet of agile, agile-at-scale, and hybrid methodologies.

  • Understand the full capabilities of Roadmaps
  • Use it to gain cross-organizational insight
  • Visibility: Notes: See dependencies, see what team is working on what, 
  • Planning: Notes: determine Release Dates, evaluate Scope, Communicate timelines to stakeholders
  • Learn to track progress with Roadmaps
  • Learn how to measure performance
  • Decision making? (maybe something like this)
Jira Workflow Automation

This hands-on module helps you create efficient automation rules to optimize your team’s processes. Automate repetitive work tasks and improve consistency with triggers, conditions, actions, branch rules, and smart values. Plus, learn how to integrate Jira with other tools like Slack, email, Bitbucket, GitHub, and so many more

  • Extend the out of the box functionality of Jira
  • Describe reasons to automate Jira (I think we can skip this one)
  • Create automation rules to fit your teams’ needs
  • Administer automation rules
  • Use smart values in automation rules
  • Create advanced automation rules
  • Use automation rules with other products  (I think we can skip this one)
  • Extending workflows functionality

You’ll learn how to integrate your project management with documentation using Jira and Confluence – Atlassian’s dynamic duo. Learn to use Confluence to collaborate, and provide consistent information to stakeholders, customers and your Jira-based agile team.

  • Why Integrate Jira and Confluence?
  • Linking Issues and Pages
  • Creating Issues Using Confluence
  • Reporting Jira Information in Confluence
  • Simulation Challenge

JIRA Essentials & Agile Mindset

Agile Foundatations & Jira Takes our most popular Agile foundations course for Agile teams and incorporates one of the most popular Agile tools: JIRA.  If you’re ...

3 Days

Jira Essentials

  Jira Essentials This 2-day hands-on course provides a solid foundation of Jira. This course focus on the Jira cloud version. This hands-on course covers all the ...

2 Days

Advanced Jira

Advanced Jira  (Automation & Workflows)Advanced Jira (Automation & Workflows) This hands-on course introduces participants to the power of Jira Automation and ...

1 Day


Confluence ABOUT THE WORKSHOP This 1-day hands-on course provides a solid foundation of Confluence. This Introduction to Confluence training teaches attendees the basics ...

1 Day


Robust Project Management

Robust Project Management

Use Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban boards to create, prioritize user stories, plan sprints and manage tasks. Fully customize boards and work flows to your team’s needs.
Real Time

Real Time

Full transparency between teams and stakeholders. Get instant notification on Jira and Confluence. React anytime, anywhere from web or mobile apps.
Leadership Support

Valuable Metrics & Insights

Learn what’s working and what’s not, to tangibly improve processes across your teams. Customize your dashboard with a vast variety of tracked data types
Aligned Vision & Prioritization

Foresight into the Future

Align your vision with advanced roadmaps, capacity planning, dependency management, and “What-If” calculations to optimize the decision making process.
Grow Organically

Integrations for Everything

Connect with tools you already use. Available add-ons include Jira test environment, Github, Bitbucket, Glitlab, Azure repos, Jenkins, Easy Bi and many more.

Remote Learning

Train virtually in the environment that works best for your teams.

Smaller Classes

Students learn faster in smaller groups that can be adapted to fit their needs. 

Real-World Expertise

Our trainers are not just great instructors but have active field experience.

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