Product Owner Essential

2 Day Workshop
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Product Owner Essentials

The Agile for Product Owners Essentials class is a full-immersion course intended for product owners, requirements analysts, and business SMEs to learn in a collaborative environment the nuts and bolts of creating, managing, and refining an Agile backlog.

After doing a deep dive into the Product Owner role and responsibilities, participants will engage in learning prioritization techniques, breaking down epics, writing good stories and acceptance criteria, as well as strategies to engage stakeholders and keep the team motivated.  Students will participate in exercises, in-depth discussion, case studies, and techniques to help illustrate Product Ownership best practices and principles.

What You’ll Learn

  • Agile Overview: Agile Values, Principles & Practices + Forming Agile Teams
  • Business Readiness: Value Streams & Preparing for an Agile Initiative
  • The Product Owner Role: Characteristics & Responsibilities of Product Owners
  • Shared Understanding: Techniques for Ensuring Alignment of the Agile Team
  • Product Backlogs: Creating High-Quality User Stories
  • Acceptance Criteria: Conditions of Satisfaction, Other Backlog Item Types
  • Prioritization & Estimation: Determine Business Value, Relative Sizing, Release Plans.
  • Backlog Refinement: Definition of Ready, Story Review, BDD
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholder Analysis, Importance of Cadence
  • Incremental Improvement: Sprint Planning, Review, Demo & Retrospective
  • Scope & Expectations Management: Release Plan Management, Information Radiators)
  • Course Recap & Wrap-Up: Agile Review, Pitfalls & Barriers, Next Steps Retrospective

Learning Objectives

  • Express the value of the Product Owner role and why it is critical to an Agile team
  • Describe the responsibilities of the Product Owner role
  • Leverage techniques for gathering proactive input from stakeholders outside of the Agile team
  • Develop a shared understanding of vision, goals, and objectives amongst Agile team members
  • Articulate the needs of users in the form of User Stories and Acceptance Criteria
  • Apply multiple approaches for elaborating details about User Stories
  • Distinguish between prioritization and ordering within the Product Backlog
  • Represent the team’s forecast and progress using information radiators that manage stakeholder expectations
  • Express continued opportunities for improvement, based on insights gained during class

Who Should Attend

  • Product Manager
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Business Analysts
  • Agile Project Managers
  • Managers, Stakeholders


Important Information 

Duration: 2 Day
Format: On-Site and Virtual


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