We are devastated and feel powerless when we look at the terrible scenes from the war in Ukraine. We feel a strong desire to make a positive contribution to the situation for the people in Ukraine. We are not experts in war or emergency aid. We teach and consult organizations to harvest the benefits of Scrum.

Therefore we have decided to set up a Registered Scrum Master class on April 9-10. All proceeds for the class will go uncut to Red Cross which makes a difference in Ukraine. If we can gather 20 people for this online class, we can together send more than $20.000 to Ukraine. Join the class, and let us together help the people in Ukraine.

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Thanks to all contributing trainers:

Avi SchneierBarbara AndersonCarsten Ruseng JakobsenJason CameronNickolas KramerPaula KvedarasSerge BeaumontThoralf J. Klatt🇩🇪🇺🇦