Effective Facilitation

2 Day Workshop
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Effective facilitation

Did you know that you are judged by your effectiveness as a leader on how well you run your meetings? The key to a successful group session is having an effective facilitator who can organize the meeting and skillfully guide the team towards achieving their goals.

Facilitation is often overlooked, but we all know that exceptional leaders have mastered the art of facilitation.

We have all experienced meetings that are never-ending, have no purpose, or never reach a consensus.  Even worse, meetings where the “elephant in the room” is never addressed. It is estimated that 30 billion dollars are spent in the United States annually on unproductive or poorly run meetings. For any meeting to be effective, it must have a skillful facilitator.

This course teaches the most effective group collaboration skills to ensure your group sessions are focused and produce value. This course covers advanced facilitation, emotional intelligence, and cultural transformation topics that are guaranteed to positively affect the way you work.

What You’ll Learn

  • Facilitation in a virtual, large and small group, and cross-functional settings
  • Finding common ground
  • Gaining shared vision
  • Gaining commitment
  • How to facilitate brainstorming sessions
  • How to achieve full participation
  • Dealing with dysfunction

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of ScrumMaster Essentials, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of collaboration and facilitation.
  • Understand the roles required for effective facilitation of group sessions.
  • Learn the ‘House of Skills’ necessary for being an effective facilitator.
  • Understand the concept of Facilitator / Servant Leadership.
  • Learn how to initiate and prepare for a group session effectively.
  • Learn the most effective “Listening” and “Questioning” techniques used to control the meeting process and attendees.
  • Learn the 5 Patterns of Group Collaboration.
  • Learn the most effective “Thinklets” used for gathering and processing information in a small or large group setting.
  • Learn how to handle the most common group dysfunctions.
  • Learn how to manage and resolve conflict and build consensus.

Who Should Attend

  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Executive & Managers
  • Analyst
  • Team Members

Important Information 

Duration: 2 Day
Format: On-Site and Virtual


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